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Game publishing

As professional global boutique mobile phone games and digital content publisher, we publish games that cover a variety of types such as leisure, chess, battle, etc., our business coverage reaches more than 100 countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia.

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Digital content publishing

HCMOB has developed a copyright cooperation relationship with dozens of professional animation studios,we are committed to creating a genuine comic publishing platform, which is available in Chinese, English, Spanish and several small language versions, to provide comics, information and other all-round service for comic book fans from all over the world.

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Tool application

As the mobile phone tool application developed by the demands of mobile internet users privacy protection,web acceleration,data transmission, NetUp series tool applications currently have 100,000+ active users worldwide, based on the Middle East, North America and Latin America market, and are in a stable growth stage.

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  • Professional mobile game publisher

    With rich distribution experience, multi-platform, multi-channel, multi-language operation, to create a top global mobile game player community.

  • Professional digital content publisher

    Popular IP industry based on genuine comics and novels, professional localization operation strategy provide a real cultural feast for web comics enthusiasts around the world.